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White Oak United Methodist Church

1927 - Present Day

From Tent to Tabernacle to Today


During the summer of 1927 a tent revival was held at the corner of Lyndon Avenue and Memorial Drive.  Fifty-five of those in attendance went on to Charter the church. Their dream to establish a church in the area came to fruition in the building of “The Tabernacle”.  This new body of Christ, White Oak Methodist Episcopal Church South, under the leadership of Pastor F. Woodall Johnson, worshiped together for the first time December 10th, 1927.

Twelve years later a building project was begun to accommodate a growing congregation.  Construction began in 1941. Wood from the tabernacle was used in the construction which was completed in 1943 for half the estimated cost because of the volunteer efforts of   the people. This, our second sanctuary, now continues its mission as the  Jimmie Harris Fellowship Hall.

Then in the late fifties, the need for expansion was evident and a plan to build a sanctuary that would seat 500, 12 classrooms and office space was born.  The story is told that the beautiful steeple came at the insistance of a young girl in the youth department. She felt it important to raise up the cross as an invitation to anyone nearby.

Historically church bells have been rung as a call to worship to the neighborhood. They were rung at weddings, funerals, and memorial services. The bell that now rests within the 85 foot steeple atop our church, that is rung each Sunday morning has been part of our tradition since it hung in the small steeple of The Tabernacle.

Today, that legacy of ministering to our community, begun on this ground 90 years ago, is once again emerging.  A new playground, new classes and small groups and exciting community partnerships are coming to life within our walls and previously dormant space is once again breathing life into our families and our neighborhood.

White Oak UMC,

2232 Lyndon Ave,

Chattanooga, TN 37415

Church office hours:

Monday and Thursday - Closed

Tues - Wed  4:30-8:30

Fri -Sat 9:00-1:30