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Now you can download the App; either

• Text the word pushpay to 77977

• Or Search Pushpay in the GooglePlay or Apple App store.


Create Account

1. Enter mobile number, click next.

2. Enter confirmation code (delivered via text message), click next.

3. Enter your name and email address, click next.

4. Set and confirm passcode.

5. Click Enable to authorize Touch Id.

6. To confirm your email address, look for an email titled "Pushpay email confirmation" and click Confirm your email.


Add Payment Method and Submit Payment

1. Search for organization, (White Oak United Methodist, Chattanooga, TN) click give.

2. Enter gift details, click next.

3. Select payment method you would like to add, click Add.

4. Enter payment method details, click next.

5. Click give to confirm gift.


Note:  This platform is arguably the best and most popular online giving platform for churches out there and is well trusted.  Using a credit card is quite convenient and will work well, but connecting it to your bank account directly saves us a couple percent, which can add up over time.  Transactions cannot be made without your approval or your initiation of a payment.




White Oak UMC,

2232 Lyndon Ave,

Chattanooga, TN 37415

Church office hours:

Monday and Thursday - Closed

Tues - Wed  4:30-8:30

Fri -Sat 9:00-1:30